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NESTE 1 5W-50
Synthetic engine oil

SAE 5W-50

Neste 1 5W-50 is a high quality synthetic engine oil. The additive combination makes for effective wear, corrosion and oxidation resistance and has cleaning and dispersant properties. The synthetic base oil in Neste 1 5W-50 does not damage engine gaskets and can be blended with ordinary mineral oils.
Neste 1 5W-50 reduces fuel consumption, yields excellent cold start properties and makes engines run more smoothly at both high and low operating temperatures than mineral oil.
Neste 1 5W-50 prevents deposit, sludge and lacquer formation and maintains full engine power.

Density kg/m3 15oC 850
Flash Point oC (COC) 230
Pour Point oC -45
Viscosity index 194
Viscosity cSt/ 40 oC 104
Viscosity cSt/ 100 oC 18.1
Viscosity cP/ -30 °C 6400
Borderline pumping temperature °C -38

Neste 1 5W-50 is recommended for year-round use in all engines, both gasoline and diesel, and turbocharged engines. Its advantages are particularly evident in winter, if engines are started at extremely cold temperatures without auxiliary heaters, and in heavy-duty summer use when, high oil temperatures may cause excessive oil consumption, if lower grades are used.