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Single and multigrade engine oils

API SF/CC (SAE 10W-30)
API SG/CF-4 (SAE 20W-50)
API SG/CF-4 (SAE 30 and 40)

Neste Special is a series of solvent-refined engine oils made of selected paraffinic base oils. Tested additives make it a top quality engine oil for normal use. In addition to its good lubrication power, it protects against wear, sedimentation, deposit formation and corrosion.

Density kg/m3 15oC 885 899 852 887
Flash Point oC (COC) 230 260 240 270
Pour Point oC -27 -27 -36 -21
Viscosity index 105 115 144 131
Viscosity cSt/ 40 oC 95 128 64 178
Viscosity cSt/ 100 oC 11.3 14.6 10.1 18.2
Viscosity cP/ oC 5000 / -25 7100 / -15
Sulfated ash w-% 0,66

Neste Special oils are recommended for most gasoline engines. They can also be used successfully in diesel engines that are not turbocharged. Neste Special 10W-30 is suitable for normal year-round use.

Neste Special 20W-50 is a more viscous grade with a good high temperature resistance that keeps oil consumption down. Especially suitable for summer use.

Neste Special 30 and 40 are suitable transmission oils also in cases which a single-grade 'straight' quality is recommended. They are in line with API GL-1.