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Neste ATF-S
Fully-synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

Allison C-4
Caterpillar TO-2
Ford M
GM Dexron IIE
MAN 339 Type L1, 339 Type V2, 339 Type Z2
MB-Approval 236.8
RBAS Lubricant Class TE-ML 09X
Sperry Vickers Hydraulic Pump Performance
VOITH H55.6336.XX
Volvo 97335
ZF TE-ML 04D, 09, 14B, 16L, 21L

Neste ATF-S is a fully-synthetic oil for automatic transmissions in motor vehicles, highway equipment, and for torque converters, hydraulic couplings and power steering systems. Its cold flow capacity, and its oxidation resistance in hot conditions are superb compared with mineral oils. Its excellent cold flow ensures smooth operation with cold starts, reduces fuel consumption and prevents any risk of damage.

-Excellent cold properties
- Excellent antiwear properties
- Excellent endurance at high temperatures

Density kg/m3 15oC 841
Flash Point oC (COC) 230
Pour Point oC -55
Viscosity index 190
Viscosity cSt/ 40 oC 35
Viscosity cSt/ 100 oC 7.5
Brookfield Viscosity cP/ -40 °C 10000

Neste ATF-S is suitable for the automatic transmissions of General Motors vehicles, and for Ford vehicles that are 1981 models or newer, in which the transmission filler plug and dip stick are marked with red.
The excellent oxidation resistance of Neste ATF-S allows for long oil change intervals in hot-running equipment. Its oxidation resistance together with stable viscosity and effective additives extends the life span of the equipment. Synthetic ATF-S prevents the formation of disturbing lacquer-like layers on the valves of the regulating organs and maintains transmission performance. Polyalphaolefin, the base oil in ATF-S, is a synthetic hydrocarbon, which blends with mineral oils. All gasket materials, finishing materials, metals and other structural components that can be used with mineral oils can also be used with Neste ATF-S.