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Neste Biohydraulic SE 46 N
Biodegradable hydraulic fluid

ISO 15380 L-HEES
SS 15 54 34 Environmentally acceptable

Neste Biohydraulic SE 46 N is a fully synthetic biodegradable hydraulic oil with improved oxidation stability. It's manufactured from fully renewable raw materials of natural origin. It is not toxic and it is environmentally friendly. Neste Biohydraulic SE 46 N is suitable especially for hydraulic applications where leakages and hose damages can lead to oil spills in nature and cause a serious environmental hazard.

-Environmentally friendly
-Good oxidation stability
-Extra wide operating temperature range
-Longer drain intervals

Density kg/m3 15oC 920
Flash Point oC (COC) 245
Pour Point oC -51
Viscosity index 186
Viscosity cSt/ 40 oC 47.5
Viscosity cSt/ 100 oC 9.4
Viscosity cSt/-20 °C 1450
Air release time (min) 1
Water separation time (min) 15
FZG fail load stage 11
Oxidation stability RPVOT (min) 73

Neste Biohydraulic SE 46 N is especially suitable for hydraulic systems in. forestry machines, earth movers, wood handling machines, tractors and marine applications around the year.
Neste Biohydraulic SE 46 N can be mixed with other synthetic ester based hydraulic fluids.
Neste Biohydraulic SE 46 N can be used instead of ordinary mineral oil based hydraulic oils. When changing from mineral based oils to Neste Biohydraulic SE 46 N, the system is strongly recommended to be emptied and flushed to ensure the technical performance and biodegradability.