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Neste Beta 150 ZFX
Zinc free paper machine oil

ISO VG 150
DIN 51524-2 HLP
DIN 51517-2 CL
RAU4L 00659.D

Neste Beta 150 ZFX oil is a high quality paper machine oils based on mineral oil and ashless additive chemistry. The additives effectively inhibit encrustation and scale build-up and give good protection against wear. Robust design of Neste Beta 150 ZFX means better tolerance for papermaking chemicals.

- Excellent wear protection
- Excellent corrosion resistance
- Excellent separation of water and air
- Good oxidation stability

Copper Corrosion 1A ASTM D130
Demulsibility <20 ASTM D2711
Density 15 °C 889 kg/m³ ASTM D4052
Flash Point (COC) 236 °C ASTM D92
Foaming Characteristics 0/0 ml ASTM D892
FZG fail stage 12
Pour Point −12 °C ASTM D5949
Rust B pass ASTM D665
Viscosity @ 100 °C 14,7 cSt ASTM D445
Viscosity @ 40 °C 150 cSt ASTM D445
Viscosity Index 95 ASTM D2270

Neste Beta 150 ZFX is used as circulation oils in paper-,cardboard- and pulp dryer machines. It can be applied to cylindrical and bevel gears under moderate and heavy loads.

Neste Beta 150 ZFX can also be used as hydraulic oil when requirement is ISO VG 150.