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Neste Cutting F 110
Semi-synthetic water-miscible metal working fluid

Neste Cutting F 110 is a semi-synthetic concentrate which forms a fine, translucent emulsion with water. The product is free from amines and boric acid. It contains chlorine-free AW / EP additives which strengthen the lubricatinf film..
Neste Cutting F110 forms a very stable, long-life emulsion which gives good protection against corrosion as well as bacteria, yeast and fungi.

-Effective anti-wear and EP additives
-Good antirust properties
-Very stable emulsion
-Prevents growth of bacteria and fungi

Density kg/m3 15oC 1000
pH 5% emulsion 9.2
Corrosion protection DIN 51360/1, 2% R0-S0
Refractometer Brix Index 0,9
Viscosity 20 °C, cSt 160

Neste Cutting F110 is suitable for the general machining, turning, milling, screw cutting, drilling, sawing, grinding of steel alloys and aluminium.
Recommended mixing ratio
- for machining of aluminium alloys, steel and cast iron, min. 6%
- for machining of alloyed steel, min.6%

Storage : +5 .... + 40 °C