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Neste Templex
High temperature Grease

ISO 12924: ISO-L-XC(F)DIB1.5
NLGI 1.5
DIN 51502: KP1.5N-30

Neste Templex is made of high viscosity mineral base oil and lithium complex soap. It contains effective antioxidants, EP, and anti-corrosion additives.

- Wide operating temperature area
- Good anti-wear and EP properties
- Endures impact loads
- Good protection against corrosion

4-Ball Weld load 3000 N
Base oil viscosity @100 °C 33 cSt ASTM D7152
Base oil viscosity @40 °C 560 cSt ASTM D7152
Density 20 °C 910 kg/m³ IP 530
Tippumispiste >260 °C IP 396
Max momentary temperature 180 °C
NLGI class 1,5
Operating temperature range -30...+140 °C
Penetration 290-320 0,1 mm ISO 2137
SKF Emcor, salt water <2-2 ISO 11007
Thickener Litiumkopleksi
Water resistance 1 DIN 51807:1

Neste Templex is recommended for extremely demanding applications such as rolling and sleeve bearings and gears in difficult conditions and at low speed. It has good resistance against water, weak acids and alkali and protects from corrosion.

Thanks to its good heat and humidity resistance, Neste Templex is suitable for a variety of applications as an universal EP grease in many industries.

Typical applications include for example: wood pulpers, spiral conveyors for hot material, hot gas fans, asphalt pavers and press casting machines.