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Neste Semilix
Semi-synthetic lubricating grease

ISO 6743: ISO-L-XCDHB1.5
NLGI 1.5
DIN 51502: KP1.5N-35

Neste Semilixs a multi-purpose grease based on lithium complex thickener and semi synthetic base oil. Neste Semilix can be used at wide temperature range. The product contains additives against corrosion and wear.

- Wide operating temperature area
- Good anti-wear and EP properties
- Good antirust properties
- Excellen oxidation stability

4-Ball Weld load 3000 N
Base oil viscosity @100 °C 15 cSt ISO 12058
Base oil viscosity @40 °C 150 cSt ISO 12058
Density 20 °C 880 kg/m³ IP 530
Tippumispiste >260 °C IP 396
Max momentary temperature 200 °C
NLGI class 1,5
Operating temperature range -35...+150 °C
Penetration 290-320 0,1 mm ISO 2137
SKF Emcor, salt water <2-2 ISO 11007
Thickener Litiumkopleksi
Water resistance 1 DIN 51807:1

Neste Semilix is recommended for roller and journal bearings at severe conditions. It remains soft even at severe sub-zero temperatures and lubricates effectively already at start-off. A cold start test at -30°C showed 43% torque at start-up than ordinary multipurpose grease. It also stands heat and has not tendency to leak out from the bearing..