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Neste Synlix
Fully synthetic lubricating grease

DIN 51502: KPHC1.5N-40
ISO 6743: ISO-L-XDDIB1.5

Neste Synlix is a multi purpose lithium complex grease made of synthetic base fluids, with an extremely wide range of operating temperatures.
Its high drop point, combined with low evaporation tendency and good oxidization stability, allows it to be used at relatively high temperatures. At the same time, the cold start torque at temperatures below zero is very low, giving reliable lubrication to -40°C.

-Extremely wide operating temperature range
-Excellent mechanical stability
-Good corrosion resistance
-Good load carrying capacity

Density kg/m3 20oC 900
Dropping point °C >260
Penetration 290-320
NLGI class 2
4-ball test, welding load N 3000
Operatiing temperature range, °C -40...+150
Max. temporary temperature, °C 220
Base oil viscosity cSt/40 °C 160
Base oil viscosity cSt/100 °C 21
Water resistance 90°C DIN 51807:1 1
SKF Emcor ISO 11007 dist. Water 0-0

Neste Synlix is recommended for demanding lubrication in the steel, paper, wood processing, chemical, rubber, brick, cement and glass industries. It is also suitable for "filled for life" lubrication and earth moving machinery bearings subject to heavy load.