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Neste OH Grease 2
Special grease for off-highway equipment

DIN 51502: KP2K-30
ISO 12924: ISO-L-XC(F)CIB2

Neste OH Grease 2 is made of high viscosity mineral oil and calcium-12-hydroxystearate. The product has excellent adhesion to metal surfaces, tackified structure and excellent resistance against water. These properties give good protection against wear and corrosion for longer service intervals. EP and antiwear additives of Neste OH Grease 2 give excellent protection against heavy or shock loads.

-Excellent adhesion on metal surfaces
-Good antiwear and EP properties
-Good protectiong against shock loads
-Excellent water protection

Density kg/m3 20oC 900
Drop point °C >140
Penetration , worked 60 strokes 265 - 295
NLGI grade 2
Operating temperature range °C -30...+120
Base oil viscosity cSt/40 °C 1380
Thickener anhydrous calcium
Colour Red

Neste OH Grease 2 is recommended for lubrication of pin and bushing assemblies, hydraulic linkage pins, pivot pins etc. in construction and logging machines and agricultural equipment. The product can be also used as chassis grease for vehicles and for lubrication of slow speed journal and roller bearings. Not recommended for wheel bearings of vehicles.