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Neste Voltera Strong -80
Windscreen cleaner concentrate

Neste Voltera Strong is used for automobile windshield cleansing in various and even very cold weather conditions. Neste Voltera Strong is keeping the windshield clean from road dirt, insects and so called "traffic film". The right dosage with water prevents the freezing of the windshield washer during cold seasons.

The regular cleansing of wiper edges with undiluted Voltera Strong extends their lifetime, prevents scratching of the windshield and makes the cleansing more effective. Follow the specific instructions of paint manufacturers with freshly painted cars.

- Washes effectively windscreen
- Economical in use
- Protects windscreen washer equipment from freezing
- Does not contain poisonous methanol

Density 20 °C 832 kg/m³ ASTM D4052
Freezing point -80 °C

Suitable for year-round use, preventing the properly dosed windshield washer system from freezing during the winter.

Neste Voltera Strong -80 is also suitable for work machines with polycarbonate windows.

Periodic cleaning of the windshield wipers with undiluted Strong increases their service life, prevents the windshield from being scratched and enhances the washing result.

For freshly painted paint surfaces, the paint manufacturer's recommendations must be followed.

Freezing point
100 % -80 °C
1:1 -30 °C
1:2 -17 °C
1:3 -11 °C
1:4 -8 °C