When it comes to urban mobility, we need to do all we can to reduce CO2 emissions. The most CO2 -friendly route is a joint project by Neste, HERE technologies, PTV Group and VTT with the goal to reduce CO2 traffic emissions by choosing the right driving route.




The right choice of route could reduce CO2 emissions in urban driving significantly


The Most CO2 -Friendly Route Concept at a Glance




The Experiment

Step 1

OBD-reader installed to car to measure various variables, such as location, consumption speed, trip fuel , GPS positions etc. Gathered: 49 359 records, one every second.

Step 2

13 routes from A-B with 3 different tested routing options each and reruns to ensure accuracy.

Step 3

Data analysis by VTT and simulation and machine learning scale by HERE/PTV Group.

Step 4

The result: in 1/3 of the cases the default route was not the most CO2 -friendly.


The Potential Impact of CO2 -Friendly Routing


Example: Route 13


Fuel consumption by time



Potential savings when using the most CO2 -friendly road