Neste mobile services

Safe and easy payment with Neste mobile services

Would you like to manage the fuel and car wash payment in an effective way? Would you like to refuel and wash the car with just a phone?

In collaboration with our corporate customers, we have developed a digital fuel and car wash payment service, which enables drivers to use these services with an app. 

 Improve the payment security. Take the fuel card management to the new era with Oma Neste. Your payment information is secured and the misuse of fuel card will be history.

 Manage mobile payment user profiles effectively - You can easily grant and modify user rights. All changes will take place with immediate effect.

 Easy for the drivers - No more fuel card specific PIN codes, only phone is needed, pay conveniently inside vehicle. With Neste App drivers can easily navigate to the Neste station. 




In addition to mobile fueling you can now use the mobile car wash with Neste app!

In summer time, it is crucial to wash the car from insects and dirt. Washing the car has never been this effortless, as you can do it with Neste-app without getting out of the car or queuing. Drive straight to the carwash queue and pay the selected wash program in the app. The new feature makes gas station visits easier and releases time for summer holiday!

Mobile car wash feature is available in 60 Neste K stations. You can search for these stations through the station search in Neste app. 

How does the mobile car wash work?

1. The supervisor has to grant mobile fueling and mobile car wash rights to the employee in the app
2. App recognizes in which station you are, just press “Start the wash”
3. Choose a wash program from the app
4. Confirm the payment with a payment card attached to the app
5. Drive in to the car wash

Happy car washing!