Neste Business Card Application

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Additional card order

The card application can be signed with Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian bank ID’s or mobile ID’s. To fill the application online, your company needs to have a Finnish business ID.

The signature service is provided by Signom. Carefully read through the Sales Terms before submitting the application.

Make sure that the person signing the application is authorized to sign for the company.

If you don't have a Finnish business ID, you can order the application from Fill out the form and return it to us scanned by post

Neste Markkinointi Oy
Customer Service
Tunnus 5000822

or e-mail

If you return the application to us scanned by post or e-mail, we will send the form to
you separately via the DocuSign application to be signed electronically. The form
requires electronic identification.

Need to increase the usage limit? 

Increasing the usage limit

The usage limit refers to the maximum purchase amount, specific to customer number, per calendar month. Your company’s monthly usage limit is shown on
your invoice.

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