Questions and answers

1. Neste app
1.1 What’s the app called, and where can you get it from?
You can download the Neste app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.
1.2 How does the Neste app work?
The Neste app is a safe and easy way to pay for refueling at Neste stations, either with a Neste Private card or a debit or credit card. The user pulls into the Neste filling station, opens the Neste app and logs in. The app uses localization data from your mobile device to determine what Neste station you are at. Then you can start filling up. Press the start button on the app to begin filling, choose the correct pump, accept the payment transaction, and you can get started.
1.3 Can I use the Neste app on any mobile device?
The Neste app works on smartphones running:
  • iPhone: the iOS 11.0 operating system or newer
  • Android: the Android operating system, version 5.0 or newer
1.4 Can the app be used without the payment feature?
Yes, the app can also be used to find filling stations, and for browsing offers. 
1.5 Can I use the app without a Neste card?
You can start using the app without a Neste card, but to use the payment feature you'll need either a Neste Private card or a debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).
2. Mobile payment
2.1 What is mobile payment?
Mobile payment is Neste’s easy, fast, and convenient payment feature. With mobile payment, you can use your mobile device to pay for refueling your car. The price of the refueling will be charged to the debit, credit or Neste Private card that is linked to the mobile payment function. Debit and credit charges will be charged directly from that card. As a Neste Private card user, a convenient joint monthly invoice for your refueling will be sent to your home.
2.2 Does mobile payment replace traditional forms of payment at Neste stations?
Mobile payment will become a new payment method alongside existing payment methods, rather than replacing any of them.
3. Starting to use the app
3.1 How do I start using mobile payment?

Existing Neste Private Cards customers will have access to the payment feature after e-identification on the website of their online bank.

You can also make a Neste Private card agreement through the Neste app. After registration and once the credit decision has been made, this will give you access to the payment features of the service. Taking the card into use typically happens in real time, but in exceptional cases the application may require manual processing. If this is the case, the payment features will be accessible within a few days. New customers do not receive regular plastic payment cards, but you can order one through our customer services if you wish.
If you want to use Neste’s mobile payment with your debit or credit card, press the “Ota mobiilimaksu käyttöön” (Enable mobile payment) button on the application’s “Tankkaus” (Refuel) tab. The service requires authentication by card number, validity period and security number.
3.2 How do I change the payment card I use in the app?
1) If you are using a debit or credit card as the payment method in the app, you can change either type of card from the “Lisää” (Add) menu item under “Maksu- ja etukortit” (Payment and bonus cards) and by clicking “Muokkaa” (Edit) on the payment card.
2) To switch from debit or credit card to a Neste Private card, you need to either delete the current payment card (as described above), or sign out of the application and re-enable the payment feature after signing back in.
3) If you want to change the payment method from Neste Private card to debit or credit card, you will need to sign out of the application and re-enable the payment feature after signing back in.
3.3 How do I change the verification code?
To do this, you will need to sign out of the app and re-enable the payment feature after signing back in.
3.4 I can’t add a debit card in the app. What’s wrong?
1) Check that you entered the card details correctly.
2) Check from your online bank that there is no online payout limit on your card.
3) Some virtual cards that are intended only for online payment require each payment transaction to be validated, and may prevent the use of Neste’s mobile payment function. Check with the card issuer (your bank) for more detailed information.
3.5 Why is my card showing a charge, even though I haven’t refueled?
Some banks charge a fee for taking a card into use or for confirmation when the card is activated. However, any such amount is returned to the account. At no stage does that money go to Neste.

4. Refueling and paying

4.1 Do you have to pay to use the service?
There is no separate charge for downloading or using the Neste app. The only fees are the normal fee charged by the telephone operator, in addition to the data transfer fee charged by the operator. For mobile payment, Neste Private card customers are charged in accordance with the currently valid account management and service charges for Neste Private cards. If you use your debit or credit card for mobile payment, no separate fees for the service will be charged. Read more on the Neste Private card page (in Finnish).
4.2 Can I refuel at any Neste filling station using the Neste app?
Mobile payment is not supported at all Neste filling stations, but is being phased in. With the Neste app’s filling station function you can easily search for the stations closest to you where mobile payout is already possible. You can recognize these filling stations by the logo shown below.
4.3 How do I know if the app can be used for filling at a particular station?
The mobile payment feature is activated in the Neste app only when you are at a Neste station where mobile payment is possible. This information is clearly stated when you use the Neste app. You can recognize the filling stations by the logo shown below.
4.4 Is mobile phone use allowed in the pump area?
Yes, the use of a mobile phone is also permitted near the pumps. However, to focus on the actual refueling we strongly recommend that you confirm the payment transaction in the comfort of your car, and also during refueling.
4.5 Can I change the amount of the funds provision for a payment transaction?
Yes. The amount of the funds provision in connection with credit and debit card payments can be changed before starting to refuel, and from the Neste app card payment options. By default, the last used funds provision sum is saved for the next refueling.
4.6 What should I do at the pump so I can start filling up?
Open the Neste app on your phone. If you are not already at a filling station, select the station you want to use from the station list and drive there. Pull up to a pump. Press “Aloita tankkaus” (Start refueling). Select the pump you’re using. Confirm the payment with your personal identification number (PIN). Lift the nozzle, and fill up the tank. Remember safety – use your mobile phone only when the car is stationary.
4.7 Do I receive a receipt at the pump area for the fuel purchase?
Electronic receipts for purchases made with the mobile payment function are sent to the app, and are visible in the “Tapahtumat” (Events) tab. You may also want to get a printed receipt at the end of the fill from the payment terminal that is connected to the pump meter. This is done in the same way as with a card payment. The refueling receipt shown in the mobile app on the “Tapahtumat” (Events) tab is not a legally valid receipt.
4.8 Is it safe to pay for gas by smartphone?
Yes. To be able to use mobile payment, we require strong user authentication. Each refueling is confirmed by the PIN you set yourself.
4.9 Can I use mobile payment for buying anything other than fuel?
At present, mobile payment only works for purchasing fuel in the pump area of the stations that support it.
4.10 Can I use mobile payment when I pay over the counter?
Unfortunately, no. At present, mobile payment only works for purchasing fuel in the pump area of the stations that support it.
4.11 When I use mobile pay, do I pay for refueling in advance?
Debit and credit card charges will be charged from the card only after refueling. Neste Private cards will be charged through your Neste Private card account once a month.
4.12 How do I know which pump to drive to when I want to pay for refueling using mobile payment?
At Neste stations where mobile payment is supported, mobile payment is possible with all pumps.
4.13 What about the risk of fraud – could someone else be able to refuel at my expense when I use mobile payment?
This is very unlikely, but it is possible, for example, if when using the Neste app you mistakenly activate a pump other than the one your vehicle is parked at. Activation of a pump that is already in use is not possible. We recommend that you activate refueling through the app only once you have driven up to a free pump, and after checking the pump number.
4.14 Will I receive Plussa benefits for mobile payment?
Yes, if you have linked your debit or credit card information to the Neste app. You can also add your Plussa bonus card details in the app. Plussa benefits accumulate automatically with your mobile payment, once you have entered the Plussa card information into the Neste app. Read more from here about accumulating Plussa benefits at Neste stations. When you pay with the Neste Private card, the benefits of other customer loyalty cards are not applicable (e.g. K-Plussa card).
4.15 Can I pay for refueling with a K-Plussa bonus card?
Unfortunately, the use of K-Plussa bonus points is not possible with the mobile payment system.
4.16 Can I see from the system what card transactions have been made?
Yes, purchase transactions made with mobile payment will appear in the app, on the “History” tab.
4.17 Does the app show how far there is to go until the user limit is reached?
You can track the available balance on your Neste Private card by signing in to the Oma Neste service. The link to this service can also be found in the app on the “More” tab.
4.18 Can the service run on another card alongside the Neste Private card?
Unfortunately, no. At this point, only the principal holder of the card can use the mobile payment feature. Physical Neste Private cards and their parallel cards will also work in the future on ATM and cash payments, just as before.
4.19 The Neste Prepaid service is in use on my Neste Private card. Can I use mobile payment?
Yes. If you have a Neste Private card that uses Neste Prepaid as a payment method, then you can activate the mobile payment feature for yourself. Download of the balance and tracking the available balance are done using the Oma Neste service.
5. Billing (Neste Private card fees)
5.1 How is refueling charged to me?
Currently, refueling is charged through the Neste Private Card account, and is invoiced once a month. Read more on the Neste private card page (in Finnish).
5.2 Is there an additional fee for this?
A monthly account maintenance charge of EUR 2.50 is charged for paper invoices. E-invoices are not charged an account management fee. The first invoice will be delivered in paper form, and for this an account-handling fee will be charged. For card-related matters, please contact Neste Customer Service, tel. +358 200 80100 (€0.16 per minute + local network charge/mobile network charge) weekdays 7 am – 5 pm. You can also contact us by email: Read more on the Neste private card page (in Finnish).
6. Help with problem situations
6.1 How do I change my personal identification number?
You can change your personal identification number by logging out of the Neste app and signing in again. This requires identification again with your bank ID.
6.2 Who do I contact if I can’t refuel with the Neste app?
Neste’s Customer Service will be happy to help you with any problem. +358 200 80100 on weekdays from 7 am – 5 pm. For calls from landline phones and cellphones there is a local network charge/mobile network charge. Emails can be sent to
6.3 If my phone is stolen, can someone else fill up their vehicle at my expense through the Neste app?
Mobile payment is not possible without your personal identification number. If you suspect that your PIN has fallen into the wrong hands, contact our customer service at +358 0800 196 196, which will serve you 24 hours a day.
6.4 What if the app doesn’t work?
Contact customer service and explain what’s not working on the app. Alternatively, you can leave feedback through our feedback form in Finnish.
6.5 How can I disable mobile payment?
Disable mobile payment by removing the Neste app from your device. If you want to terminate your customer relationship with Neste, please contact Customer Service.